Friday, June 10, 2011

Google Directions with Weather

So finally I updated my new appspot application with the weather and directions rails app that I was procrastinating for a very long time, got its own website address instead of the appspot address.

its still very premature and may not be very intuitive, but what it does is you can either mark origin and destination on the map or type the origin and destination input entries and when you click "Get Directions" it will draw a route which is expected but it will also mark weather condition at every turn through out the route (where ever possible) , for longer routes it might not load by throwing an error, but for shorter routes it should load (may be will be slow) , try it out.

Source code is at

It might be very ugly code though :), I am refactoring, probably will need to put in some specs and tests.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Appspot + Jruby 1.6.2 + Rails 2.3.11

So I successfully uploaded my Rails application to appspot, phew that was NOT a breeze, but still thanks to and
Now lets ride on rails.